Housework, train journeys, commutes to work – these ‘dead’ times are perfect for podcasts. And with ‘audio on demand’ seemingly the medium of the hour, there is now at least one podcast for every conceivable topic.

We certainly love podcasts! They’re the perfect way to broaden your general knowledge or gain specialist know-how in any given area. If you’re interested in productivity, time management or entrepreneurship, the following podcasts shouldn’t be missed.


The art of doing your thing (die Kunst, dein Ding zu machen)

What it’s about: As well as offering successful seminars, motivator Christian Bischoff also has an incredibly successful podcast. Eight million downloads are impressive. 😉 His popular format covers the subjects of success, motivation and how to get the most out of life.

The right podcast for: Anyone in need of a motivational boost. This podcast is not aimed only at entrepreneurs or those in particular careers.

Language: German

Length: Around one hour per episode


Refuel your thoughts (GEDANKENtanken)

What it’s about: The team at GEDANKENtanken has a wealth of experience in events, seminars and online courses designed for the self-employed and entrepreneurs. Each week, this podcast features different talks by different speakers, with practical tips, life hacks and tricks to achieve more happiness, health and success.

The right podcast for: Depending on the episode, anyone looking for motivation in their career or life.

Language: German

Length: Usually twenty minutes, though sometimes one hour


No Limit (Kein Limit)

What it’s about: Alex and Nico are in their early twenties and have built the most powerful and far-reaching provider of online tuition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: TheSimpleClub. In this podcast, they talk about things you don’t necessarily learn at school and promise, “This podcast will change your life. NO LIMIT will tell you things that no school or teacher ever could. It will help you find out who you are, where you want to go and how to get there.”

The right podcast for: People who are always up for more and looking for tips on how to exceed ‘the limit’.

Language: German

Length: Twenty minutes


Freakonomics Radio

What it’s about: Think like a freak! Freakonomics Radio has already won multiple awards and, with more than eight million downloads per month, regularly reaches a broad audience of listeners. The recipe for success? Host Stephen J. Dubner talks to different people about unusual topics, from cheating to crime to being a parent and more. He also invites along an interesting mix of guests – from provocative to inspiring, from scientistics to gamers.

The right podcast for: People with lots of interests and eager to see things from a new perspective each week.

Language: English

Length: Forty minutes to one hour


Thought Gears (GedankenGänge)

What it’s about: Lars Vollmer is regarded as a pioneer of management for the new generation. In complex and interesting ways, he makes the case for completely rethinking and redesigning companies and leadership. His ‘thought gears’ are short video clips that, within a few minutes, encourage the viewer to rethink something familiar.

The right podcast for: Those looking for ‘snackable’ content with lasting impact – a new idea for each clip.

Language: German

Length: One to three minutes


Efficient Learning – Working – Life (Effizienter Lernen – Arbeiten – Leben)

What it’s about: In this podcast, Evernote expert Thomas Mangold addresses all aspects of productivity and self-management. He provides very specific hacks that can help anyone to learn something new.

The right podcast for: People looking for cool hacks for time and productivity management.

Language: German

Length: About twenty minutes


Smart Entrepreneur Radio

What it’s about: This podcast comes in three different formats. Firstly, host Matthew Mockridge interviews successful entrepreneurs and asks them interesting questions. In another format, he brainstorms quotes for success. Finally, he answers very specific questions from listeners and gives concrete tips on how to promote your own business.

The right podcast for: Entrepreneurs ready to learn something new and in search of hacks for all scenarios from the world of business.

Language: German

Length: Usually five to twenty minutes


DNX Podcast

What it’s about: This podcast is provided by a digital nomad. Marcus Meurer (not only a globetrotter but also the founder of DNX) interviews other self-employed individuals and is always seeking new ideas on the concept of self-employment. Endless hacks and interesting entrepreneurs await!

The right podcast for: Those who are (or are interested in becoming) digital nomads or self-employed.

Language: German

Length: A mixture, from five minutes to one hour


Achieve your goals with Hal Elrod

What it’s about: The author of ‘Miracle Morning’ is well known in the field of motivation, success and productivity. In his podcast, he draws on personal experience as well as talking to others about the path to success.

The right podcast for: All those who want to discover how to reach their goals faster.

Language: English

Length: Between twenty minutes and one hour


Simply Productive – Time Management Made Easy & Team Performance (Einfach Produktiv – Zeitmanagement leicht gemacht & Team Performance)

What it’s about: This final podcast is a two-in-one tip. Ivan Blatter not only shows you how to get the most out of your personal time management, he also provides suggestions to improve your team’s productivity.

The right podcast for: Anyone who wants to increase their productivity, whether individually or in a team.

Language: German

Length: Between fifteen and thirty minutes


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