Digital nomads have to decide where they would like to work, and this decision is driven not only by employers or the practicalities of living in a particular place, but also the motivation to choose a place offering everything that can’t be found by staying at home. Such opportunities include creative exchange with different people, a new, inspiring environment and an atmosphere that creates that holiday feeling – at least during work breaks.

Beach or city? Hammock or marketplace? Café or cocktail? Important questions when choosing an international hotspot, which isn’t always an easy decision to make…

Luckily, your artificialwork team has scoured the internet and found some digital nomads working within the European continent.


Why Europe?

When you imagine a digital nomad, you tend to picture a cocktail umbrella next to a laptop. And, somehow, it’s always on a beach in Bali. But why travel so far when there’s a diverse continent waiting on your doorstep?

Some of the advantages of staying in Europe include widespread internet access, manageable living costs and good infrastructure. Europeans are generally regarded as cosmopolitan and communicative, and creative output isn’t neglected. Furthermore, the continent offers incredibly diverse environments – beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains and large forests alongside bustling metropolises.

We’ve found at least six European citiesthat digital nomads shouldn’t miss when making a ‘work trip’.


Riga (Latvia)

For Daniel Schöberl, the Baltic is one of Europe’s hotspots. So why not open up the laptop in Riga? Internet speeds are, after all, excellent. The team from Sevdesk found that Latvia ranks between third and tenth place on a global scale when it comes to internet speeds. And, in terms of fiber and broadband, Latvia comes second – just behind Japan!

“Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and the entire Baltic region make up one of my European hotspots. In Estonia, for example, you can apply for e-residency, which allows you to easily register your company and pay reduced taxes in the country.” – Daniel Schöberl, digital nomad

Additionally, there are plenty of cost-effective co-working spaces in Riga. The Nordic founder portal offers a summary of the best opportunities.

“Riga, the capital of Latvia, is known for its stunning old town and famous for its beautiful art deco-style houses lining the streets of the center. It’s not far from forests and the beautiful seaside, yet offers all the urban cravings: lovely parks, cute cafes, modern libraries and wild nightlife. – Anete Kruusmägi


Palma (Spain)

Anti-Mallorca prejudices aside, please. Most people now acknowledge that it has more to offer than cheap party holidays. Palma in particular scores points for a diverse café culture and good internet coverage, which isn’t only available to tourists. With its lively squares, Palma provides a great source of inspiration, but there are also places where you can work more quietly (such as the co-working space Wahaby). Anyone looking to tour the island can find numerous co-working spaces and Wi-Fi hotspots all over Mallorca.


Warsaw (Poland)

Inexpensive and hip –that’s the Polish capital, Warsaw. For around one euro, public transport can be used for up to 75 minutes and food and average restaurant prices are considered cheap (particularly in the ‘milk bars’ offering traditional Polish food), as are various forms of accommodation, including AirBnB.

“Warsaw has an exciting start-up scene and could soon become the new Berlin.” – Daniel Schöberl, digital nomad

Internet coverage, as in other major European cities, is also very good. And, thanks to the portal ‘Coworker’, you don’t have to look far when searching for a pleasant co-working space. Alternatively, there are countless caféswhere you canwork productivelyand enjoy a creative environment.


Trevarefabrikken (Norway)

From cheap Poland to overpriced Norway. For penny pinchers, the so-called ‘Trevarefabrikken’ might not be the most suitable destination. But this combined hotel and co-working space, found in the small fishing village of Henningsværin the middle of the Lofoten archipelago, boasts unparalleled scenic beauty. For nature lovers, it is paradise on earth. Secluded and situated at one of the most northerly points, it has everything you need to work productively – a real insider tip!


Berlin (Germany)

Berlin, Berlin, go to Berlin! Best, by the way, in the summer, when many digital nomads can be found in the German capital. And, compared to other major German cities, Berlin is still quite cheap. Its distinctive start-up scene also makes it a top destination for creative artists of all kinds. On the ‘Gründerküche’ homepage, you can find a list of all available co-working spaces.

“Artsy and sprawling with great apartments, nightlife and cafés.” – Dan Adrews, entrepreneur


Lisbon (Portugal)

Finally, a tip for all those digital nomads interested in surfing more than just the web: the area surrounding Lisbon. It has everything any type of surfer might need.

“Cheap living costs, modern infrastructure and waves you can surf all year round […]. In the Portuguese capital, there are even co-working spaces designed specifically with surfers in mind, like the Surf Office!” – Christian, digital nomad

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